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Automatic Mobile Guide

Among many others - museums are an ideal location for the employment of codeparc's beeknsystem, as the technology can fill several important roles, such as analyzing data of customer habits and traffic, offering additional digital content or acting as a tour guide for specific exhibitions for consumers on mobiles.

codeparc's automatic mobile museum guide is ment to deliver more information about exhibition pieces to customers’ mobile devices, provided they have the relevant mobile app. The app communicates with the museum’s access points (iBeacons and WiFi) to serve additional media such as video, audio, still images and texts.


codeparc's automatic mobile guide is an app for smartphones and tablets. The app detects where a visitor is located and when visitor approaches pre-set objects it plays the corresponding guidance which can be in a form of audio, video, pics or text.


codeparc's automatic mobile guide can be used in i.e. museums or any other organization with objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, historical and other importance – indoor and/or outdoor. Museums can buy inexpensive Android phones to hand over to visitors at the museum or visitors can simply download the app to their own smartphone.


To determine visitor location indoor we use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons - and WiFi. Installation of the BLE beacons is easy, fast and requires minimal maintenance.

To determine visitor’s location outdoor we use Global Positioning System (GPS) and for micro-location purposes BLE beacons.