Securely Manage, control and monitor anything from anywhre.


beekn system

codeparc's beekn control system is the only micro-location platform to offer every tool you need to maintain, measure, analyze and optimize all aspects of your offline location. - From online engagement to offline action.

Reach customers.

You design beautiful campaigns but can’t quantify how many new customers result. Our beeknsystem provides accurate offline attribution and calculates the lifetime value of customers acquired by each campaign. Our beeknsystem is driven and integrated by our superbeekns (superbeekn are a development of codeparc llc).

You care about optimal information structures and clear directions but can’t quantify how visitors profit and react on your efforts. We provide accurate analytics and statistics on on location behavior so you can better meet the needs of your visitors.

Build loyality.

You’re tasked with increasing customer loyalty, but have no way to measure how initiatives impact anyone who isn’t a loyalty program participant. Leverage the system to measure loyalty of your entire visitor and customer base.

Boost location performance.

You face constant pressure to improve margins, but the sheer volume and complexity of your data make it difficult to understand how one initiative impacts overall sales. Our beeknsystem allows you to see all performance metrics in one easy aggregated view.

Secure Big Data.

No matter what industry - the Internet of Things (IoT) is top of mind today. The IoT is a complex network of things and people that are seamlessly connected through the Internet. Literally anything that can be connected will be connected and communicating. And once connected, these things can send data and interact with other things and people – all in real time. They generate massive volumes of data – unstructured data that can be classified, organized, analyzed and harnessed as part of a fast feedback loop to support accurate, automated decisions and actions.

Benefits of our beeknsystem: Secure Big Data integration, secure Big Data preparation, secure Big Data analytics, secure Big Data visualization and secure Big Data reporting.


Proximity information

Enrich the on location experience for your visitors with in-app information, news and directions triggered by proximity.

Real time information

codeparc's unique system design eliminates any delay in proximity-based information. That means you reach customers with the right message, at the right place, at the right time - everytime.

Rules Engine

Our rules engine puts you in control of your proximity-based information. You define who receives what message.

Reward System

Provide an enhanced visit and shopping experience that lies well beyond push marketing. Customers can earn points upon entering the location, or when enagaging on social media channels, or when scanning items they can later exchange for coupons. Our system makes it possible to set up a customer reward system in order to better understand how online and offline behaviour work together.


The system's flexible geo-fencing allows you to define the radius of in-app messaging by inches, feet, or dozens of feet depending on the goal of your needs.

Push Notification

Automatically trigger push notifications to visitors who have opted in as they enter or exit a defined zone.

In-app convenience

Reward customers who have downloaded your mobile app with additional in-app services such as reserving a fitting room or pre-order for in-store pick up.

Flexible installation

We use the market’s best quality beacons to facilitate hassle-free deployment in every environment. Place a beacon in POP signage, product display or at the cash wrap to offer enhanced in-app interactions. - Even outdoors!

Unified Reporting

The beekn system reports the results of all your marketing campaigns, including proximity based promotions, in a single dashboard. Easily assess the performance of your overall marketing strategy in a single summary.

Single view

The system allows you to easily compare the performance of campaigns by gathering critical KPI’s in a single dashboard including customer loyalty, traffic, and sales.

Offline Attribution

Measure the impact of offline campaigns on customers’ in-store behavior. Invest in campaigns that create foot traffic and lead to loyal customers.

Campaign ROI
A successful campaign does more than increase day of sales; the system quantifies the total value of new customers acquired by each offline campaign.
Flexible Deployment

Implement the system quickly and affordably by using your current in-store infrastructure or the system’s own sensors, whichever is most convenient.

Sponsorship Attribution

Measure the value of sponsoring a sports team or music festival by more than just the roar of the crowd. Calculate how many new customers were created and the lift in loyalty for your existing customers.

Loyality Score
Easily quantify the loyalty of each location's customer base by segmenting how often customers visit a given location.
Simple Integration

Easily import campaigns from Google AdWords, Facebook, and other data e.g. from your CRM in order to create a complete picture of your online and offline marketing performance.

Unlimeted Accounts

Turn every employee into an “A-player” by providing access to the KPI’s they need in order to do their job more effectively.

API Access
Easily export the system’s data into your existing business intelligence or workflow tools. codeparc's beekn system easy API technology is delivering highly reliable accurate data and is consumed by some of the largest companies in Europe. - Our system fits into every environment!
Dwell time

Quantify how long customers browse each section of your store to measure the effectiveness of investments in merchandising and customer service.

Cross Store Visits

Measure how many customers a new location cannibalizes from existing stores and identify your most loyal fans who visit multiple locations.

Trends comparison
Compare the performance of a single store with other locations over any period of time: hour, day, week, month or year to identify macro trends.

Gain deeper insight into the browsing behavior of your customers by geo-fencing each location. Do customers who visit a fitting room purchase at higher rates than others?


Quantify how the performance of individual locations compares to others in your portfolio as well as the industry average.

POS Integration
Calculate how effectively you convert browsers into buyers and measure how investments in marketing or store operations impact sales.

Aggregate all gained system information for most accurate forecasting of your customers behaviour. The beekn control system's high standard algorithms are state of the art.


Securely control access to sensitive information to ensure that employees view only the data necessary to improve their own performance.

Labor Integration
Identify the busiest sections of your store by hour of day and day of week in order to deploy staff more effectively.
Contactless Payment

Paying contactless is quick and easy. With our innovative technology platform, we support, providers and consumers with innovative mobile payment solutions for payment via mobile phone.

Ultra Wideband

We use ultra-wideband technology for high precision positioning. With ultra-wideband (UWB) we can measure time pulses on a carrier signal across a large spectrum and thereby collect relevant location information in our fingerprint database for high precision indoor location services.

WiFi Aware

WiFi Aware allows WiFi-enabled products to discover and communicate directly with nearby devices, applications or information, without relying on cellular data or an Internet connection.