Say "Hello"
to your guest and let us do the rest.



deskbeekn welcomes you to a world without paper pushing and wasted time; just secure and seamless visitor registration at your front desk.

deskbeekn is a key layer in any integrated system to keep all visitor information confidential. And with required contact fields, automatic photo capture, and our watchlist feature, you’ll always know exactly who is on location. Avoid common hiccups with features that optimize contentment for your visitors and employees. deskbeekn shares the visitor’s photo with their host, making it easy for employees to identify guests and make them feel welcome.

deskbeekn's pre-registration feature: No more last minute panic over parking or showing up at the wrong entrance. In just moments, a host can send custom emails that contain directions, parking tips, Wi-Fi details, a calendar invitation and more.

We’ve automated photo taking, badge printing, and legal agreement storage, so your team can prioritize real work over busywork. Plus, you’ll never waste time tracking down an employee again. With deskbeekn, hosts are automatically notified when their visitor arrives.


Customizable system and backend

Customizable iPhone app

Customizable iPad app

Customizable visitor sign-in fields

Legal agreements / NDAs

Visitor photos

Custom visitor badge printing

Host notifications

Visitor pre-registration

Analytics and reporting

CRM and ERP integrations

passport App

deskbeekn's passport app saves you from typing your details every time you visit an office that uses deskbeekn. And your phone never even has to leave your pocket.

deskbeekn uses iBeacon technology to send your sign-in details directly to the iPad, so you can skip the typing. deskbeekn integrates perfectly with codeparc's beeknsystem.