Your Information. At the right time at the right place.



infobeekn - the complete ecosystem for secure micro-location-based information. infobeekn is a secure micro-location-based mobile information, guiding and tracking technology - but also a centralized beacon management system by codeparc. It's a comprehensive tool to enhance your on location experience based on iBeacon-Technology - developed by codeparc llc, Switzerland.

infobeekn offers a single platform to maximize the potential of your most important assets: your location and related information. Launch proximity information that enhance the on location experience for each of your visitors.

Gain a 360° perspective of your locations performance in order to optimize every aspect of service and operations.

Quantify how effectively you attract, engage and retain new and returning visitors in order to maximize the impact of every investment in service and operations.

For the first time, measure what visitors are doing and how they move on your location.

For retail businesses and access control requirements we provide special implementation and adapted services.


Create valuable on-location experiences. infobeekn communicates with your visitors at the exact right moment:

Visitors can opt in for enhanced news and information to relevant topics

Lead visitors to respective localities

Hyper-targeted, personalized and real-time


Understand the impact of your news, the flow of information and the corresponding behavior of your visitors:

Measure how effective your news and information support and influence your visitors

Optimize your news and information (content and channels)


Make the most of every location and gain real-time analytics to optimize performance:

Ensure every location and service lives up to their full potential

Improve services and make the appropriate information swiftly available


codeparc's customized location-based infobeekn system is state of the art.

By codeparc's secure micro-location communication services, we deliver the the right message, in right context, at the right place - at the right time.

codeparc developed its core platform real-time automation technology to monitor, analyze and control all aspects of your diverse mobile environment.

codparc's platform of secure enterprise-grade, individually developed software modules is used by enterprises, public sector entities and private households.

online to Offline

codeparc's infobeekn can welcome a visitor when he enters a location and show specific news and information without him having to remember to reopen the app. It can also tie at-home browsing to on location benefit - if he "likes" a specific service, news or location in the app, infobeekn can remind him when he enters the appropriate place later. It can also deliver area-specific information throughout the entire location.

How infobeekn helps our customer’s visitors:

shorter paths to the final destination

Perfectly customized news and information

Better flow of relevent information

Find what you need quickly and conveniently

Bring each on location service to life with interactive experiences

A better overall experience

the system

The basic infobeekn requires minimal investment, can be installed by sticking the device on a wall or other flat surface, and has a battery life of approximative 2 years. The advanced infobeekn requires external power and network connection (WiFi/LAN). The complete setup guaratees for a comprehensive and secure experience for the visitors.

codeparc's infobeekn system provides the following advantages:

Secure visitor mobile communication

Tracking, monitoring, analytics, dashboards

InfoScreen control

System management tools

Visitor behavior forecasting

codeparc's infobeekn technology works with the codeparc's infobeekn app, as well as with your own apps.