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Secure Communication

Be alert: Mobile and wireless networks are unsafe. - codeparc delivers corporate communication protection solutions (security-as-a-service) that help medium- and large-sized organizations protect their corporate email communication, instant messaging services and collaboration systems from attack while enabling them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance and corporate data governance mandates.

The emergence of organized international data trafficking is driving an unprecedented wave of targeted, malicious attacks designed to steal vital corporate data information and valuable customer records. At the same time, the consumerization of IT, widespread adoption of mobile devices and increasing use of unmanaged Internet-based applications has resulted in the proliferation of sensitive corporate data virtually everywhere within the enterprise and rendered ineffective most of the existing corporate data protection products available today.

Secure call

codeparc is a leading specialist in development and implementation of highly secure voice solutions for businesses worldwide.

Secure messaging

codeparc's solution is one of the best anti snooping cross-plattform messaging systems available on the market today.

Secure data

codeparc is well known for its secure easy to use data encryption, high-secure data transmission and distribution.

Data security is enhanced through proprietary information packets, data compression, and codeparc's fast changing dynamic key encryption of all information transferred.