Secure mobile control is not a privilege anymore.



securitybeekn is a secure micro-location-based automation and access control technology - but also a centralized beacon management system for private and business use. It's a comprehensive tool to enhance your on location control and surveillance options based on iBeacon-Technology - developed by codeparc llc, Switzerland.

For the first time, track and measure what visitors and employees are doing and how they move on your location. Gain a 360° perspective of your locations in order to control and optimize every aspect of service and operations. Quantify how effectively you maximize security, controlling and the impact of every investment in service and operations.

Our advanced contactless visitor management and tracking system, identifies visitors, eliminates abuse of old visitor permissions, and improves the productivity of reception and security desks. All user access information is gathered by the securitybeekn system. Administrators can retrieve and analyze all information. This data provides a recording of visitor movement and interaction within an organization, whether it is a small company or a company that employs thousands.

securitybeekn ensures simple secure contactless communications for your devices and remote sensors.

codeparc offers you building automation systems for all building types, sizes, and for every use. Because of its open communication standards and interfaces you can integrate a wide choice of different building control disciplines like heating, ventilation, air conditioning applications, lights and blinds, up to safety features, and equipment.


codeparc's customized location-based securitybeekn system is state of the art.

By codeparc's micro-location access control and automation services, we deliver secure services at any location.

codeparc developed its core platform real-time automation technology to monitor, analyze and control all aspects of your diverse mobile environment.

codparc's platform of secure enterprise-grade, individually developed software modules is used by enterprises, public sector entities and private homes.

online to Offline

codeparc's securitybeekn can welcome a visitor when he enters a location, show specific information and grant contactless access to buildings or areas without him having to remember to reopen the app.

In addition, automated processes by the sole presence of a visitor can be started.

the system

The basic securitybeekn requires minimal investment, can be installed by sticking the device on a wall or other flat surface, and has a battery life of approximative 2 years. The advanced securitybeekn requires external power and network connection. The complete setup guarantees for a comprehensive and secure experience for the visitors and employees.

codeparc's securitybeekn system provides the following advantages:

Secure visitor mobile communication, access control and on location automation

Tracking, monitoring, analytics, dashboards

System management tools

Visitor behavior forecasting

codeparc's securitybeekn technology works with the codeparc's securitybeekn app, as well as with your own apps