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shopbeekn - the complete ecosystem for secure micro-location-based communication.

shopbeekn is a secure micro-location-based mobile communication, marketing and tracking technology - but also a centralized beacon management system by codeparc. It's a comprehensive tool to enhance your in-store experience based on iBeacon-Technology - developed by codeparc llc, Switzerland.

shopbeekn offers a single platform to maximize the potential of your most important asset: your store. Measure how each investment in marketing, operations and service impacts every segment of your customer base from first time visitors to loyal fans. Launch proximity marketing campaigns that enhance the in-store experience for each of these customer segments.

Gain a 360° perspective of your stores’ performance in order to optimize every investment in marketing, loyalty, service and operations.

Quantify how effectively you attract, engage and retain new customters in order to maximize the impact of every investment in marketing, loyalty, service and operations.

For the first time, measure how many visits your marketing campaigns generate and how effectively staff convert browsers into buyers.


Create amazing in-store experiences. shopbeekn communicates with your loyal customers at the exact right moment:

Customers can opt in for an enhanced shopping experience

Hyper-targeted, personalized and real-time


Understand the impact of your campaigns and quantify how campaigns influence customers' in-store shopping habits:

Measure how effective your offline marketing is at attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of current customers

Optimize your offline campaigns just like you do your online campaigns

Now you can make the right offer at every touchpoint. codeparc's self-learning solution makes it possible to automatically generate personalized product and content recommendations along with individual prices and discounts - in real-time.


Make the most of every location and gain real-time analytics into store health to optimize performance:

Ensure every location lives up to its full potential

Improve service and drive revenue


codeparc's customized location-based and in-store retail-to-mobile marketing is state of the art. The difference between codeparcs shop-beacon-solution and failed past attempts through Wi-Fi or NFC is that those technologies were never adopted in a scalable way.

By codeparc's secure micro-location communication services, we deliver the the right message, in right context, at the right place - at the right time.

codeparc developed its core platform real-time automation technology to monitor, analyze and control all aspects of your diverse mobile environment.

codparc's platform of secure enterprise-grade, individually developed software modules is used by enterprises, public sector entities and private households.

online to Offline

codeparc's shopbeekn can welcome a shopper when he enters a store and show his location-specific deals, discounts, recommendations, and rewards, without him having to remember to reopen the app. It can also tie at-home browsing to in-store benefit - if he "likes" a specific product in the app, shopbeekn can remind him when he enters the store that sells it. It can also deliver department-specific offers throughout the store - so the boots he liked, show up at the most useful time - in the shoe department.

How shopbeekn helps our customer’s customer:

Shorter lines

More customized merchandise

Better trained associates

Deals that reward you for being a great customer

Find what you need quickly and conveniently

Bring each product to life with interactive experiences

A better overall experience

the system

The basic shopbeekn requires minimal investment, can be installed by sticking the device on a wall or other flat surface, and has a battery life of approximative 2 years. The advanced shopbeekn requires external power and network connection. The complete setup guaratees for a comprehensive and secure shopping experience for the customers.

codeparc's shopbeekn system provides the following advantages:

Secure customer mobile communication

Tracking, monitoring, analytics, dashboards

AdScreen Control

System management tools

Customer behavior forecasting

codeparc's shopbeekn technology works with the codeparc's shopbeekn app, as well as with retailers' own apps.

codeparc implements super beacons: everything you expect from a Bluetooth beacon (with Wi-Fi connectivity) with an extra wide range, rechargeable battery and connection to standard electricity outlet. It can transmit and receive data, Bluetooth is optional. This cloud beacon uses built-in Wi-Fi (or LAN) to reach the Internet.